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Find out where Food Made Good is either live or in development and if there is an open opportunity to license for your country, city or state.

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We meet new people and organisations every day that are making a difference and helping to fix our food system. Use the tick boxes to search and find out more.



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One Planet Plate is our global campaign that puts sustainability on the menu. Browse the “sustainability specials” of chefs from around the world or choose a dish that tackles a specific issue using the drop-down list.


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Who’s leading the way in keeping decreasing disposables and keeping plastics out of the oceans.


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Who’s at the cutting edge of efforts to put the planetary health diet on the menu.


Our food system is under huge pressure and in urgent need of repair. Chefs and restaurants are in a unique position to change food culture and create delicious solutions that lead us in new directions.

Food Made Good is a unique program that puts chefs and restaurants at the heart of the conversation about the future of food.

It is a commercially successful and proven model of practical guidance and collaboration that helps food service rise to the sustainability challenge.

It has been delivered in the UK over the last decade by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, which today supports a community of 10,000+ member kitchens, influencing the sustainability of 1bn out of home meals a year. 

To see the programme in action, visit The SRA



Food Made Good is now available to licence worldwide.

Please find out more about the opportunity here or get in touch if you would like to bring Food Made Good to your country, city or state and join the sustainable food revolution



Fortnightly round-up of news from the world of sustainable food service, curated by Food Made Good Global.

Denmark raises antibiotic-free pigs. Why can’t the US?

Denmark raises antibiotic-free pigs. Why can’t the US?

As a recent study finds antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in food animals or livestock raised for meat, has nearly tripled in low and middle-income countries since 2000, it demonstrates the critical issue of growing antibiotic use alongside consumption of animal protein....

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How French shoppers are rejecting cut-price capitalism

How French shoppers are rejecting cut-price capitalism

Paying a fair price for our food may seem obvious, but in today's world of big brands and supermarket dominance, many of our staples are being sold below cost. The basic assumption by supermarkets is that all consumers want competitively priced produce, the cheaper,...

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