Forecast, the mentorship program based in Berlin has opened its annual call for proposals. The program offers artists and creative thinkers the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition. For the first time this year Forecast is adding a chef to the group of mentors. Manu Buffara is the critically acclaimed chef behind the restaurant Manu, which she opened in 2012 in her hometown of Curitiba, in Brazil. The restaurant was listed in Restaurant Magazine’s The World’s 50 Best in 2018. Buffara celebrates the culture and produce unique to the region of Paraná; using organic ingredients from carefully selected suppliers as well as her own garden. She is devoted to sustainability, seasonality, and quality ingredients and works with local communities to transform abandoned sites into urban gardens. We can’t think of a better mentor to champion sustainability. Successful applicants receive a grant and production budget in addition to the mentorship. Applicaitons close 1st March.