Just over 60 miles west of Cumbria in the middle of the Irish Sea lies the Isle of Man, the only entire nation to be a member of the UNESCO world network of Biosphere Reserves. It’s this little–known fact that inspired a 27-year-old chef, with no formal training, to create a dish that’s just won her the Social Responsibility award at the S. Pellegrino UK & Northern Europe regional finals. Pippa Lovell talked to us about her dish, “Laughtan lamb is special to the Isle of Man as without the island’s biosphere status the breed wouldn’t still be alive. The lamb is the catalyst for the other ingredients on the dish as they are responsible for its existence. Through winning I think I’ve helped make so many people who were involved with the produce on the plate feel proud. When we feel proud about something we want to look after it more. I hope all of them will to do even more to preserve the planet and take ownership.” It’s exactly this kind of thinking that won Pippa the award and we look forward to the grand final next year.