Whilst many of us might feel like store-cupboard suppers and thoroughly planned shopping lists mean we’re reducing our food waste, the same can’t be said for restaurants still open during lockdown. New research from The SRA & Just Eat has found that food waste generated by UK restaurants dishing up takeaways during the lockdown has risen from an average of £111 per restaurant per week in normal times to £148 during the pandemic, as a result of consumers’ “unpredictable ordering patterns”. This increase in food waste is equivalent to £16.7m for the sector as a whole since lockdown, according to the research. With unpredictability and fluctuations in demand likely to be with us for a while, the financial benefits of reducing food waste are clear, Andrew Stephen, chief executive of the SRA stated, “now is an opportune time for operators to review their menu, simplify processes, and design out waste.”